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  • ashok-jayaraman 2 years ago

    Hi Mam Today morning I saw you in Kothandarama swami temple, kondapur. I did not get a chance to come and speak with you because you were in the abhishekam. For a moment i thought like i am seeing my mother. When i saw u it was like i am seeing mahalakshmi goddess infront of me. I wish you a long life and happy life. Please send me the reply for this if you have free time. My mail id is jash_ok@yahoo.com

  • satyam-patel 3 years ago

    Sudha mam is such a nice person.she is for me my mother.I really like her.she is a devi.I wish sudha mam to live happy,long,healthy & enjoylable life.I am a gujarati but I like everything about sout india.I like south indian films very much.

  • satyam-patel 3 years ago

    I agree with that we do not wirte anything bad about sudha mam.she is avery good artist.she is very nice natured & a humble person.we shoud respet her.in our country we give respect to woman.sudha mam is for me like my mother.

  • k-l-murthy 3 years ago

    Hai i am your fan plese send your photos to my mail adress

  • siddeswara 3 years ago

    telugu amma thanaani asalina character

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