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Remember Me (U/A)



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14 May 2010
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By : Ashley

On : 2011-06-14 09:37:01

This is such a great movie I just can't believe that it has not won any awards! I was actually so sure that it was up for so many awards I googled to see how many, and I couldn't believe what I was finding! Actual viewers know how much of a masterpiece this movie is, but the things I hear from...
By : Mohammed

On : 2010-03-19 10:27:33

With every non-Twilight role he chooses, Robert Pattinson seems determined to wipe from our minds the popular image of him as Edward Cullen, the sensitive, chivalrous teen vampire in the blockbuster adaptations of Mormon author Stephenie Meyers’ young-adult novels.

Last year, he...
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