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CBB Spin Off Show: Why Were The Cops Called In Between The Show?

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Celebrity Big Brother's spin-off show was interrupted on Tuesday evening and stopped 12 minutes before the ending time. Cops were called after the spin-off show turned violent. It all came as a shock after a fight between Farrah Abraham and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace allegedly became violent.

Champagne glass and a chair were seen flying here and there as the stars fought during the show's airing! Police was called after Farrah Abraham, Jenna Jameson, Janice Dickinson and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace were involved in a fracas on Channel 5's Bit On The Side, with the show ending 12 minutes early.

It was so out of control that Vicki Michelle had to be rushed to hospital after champagne glasses and chairs were thrown and she got hurt during the chaos. Glasses were thrown after Aisleyne called Farrah a "nasty horrible b****" who should "f*** off" back to America.

Janice Dickinson was accused of throwing a chair. Before the show was stopped, The last thing heard by was Farrah shouting, "Hag be quiet, hag be quiet" before Aisleyne yelled back "Sorry?"

One Channel 5 source told The Sun, "It was absolute chaos. Glasses and then a chair went flying and Vicki ended up injured in the process. Everyone was screaming and sobbing. Vicki, who hadn't caused anything herself, was caught in the crossfire and ended up being glassed."

Vicki Michelle who got hurt later confirmed she has received medical attention after the attack which left her 'bloody hurt.'

She posted the update on Twitter saying, "Been checked over...going home now. Bloody hurt! But thank you for worrying, I'm ok...I think."

Midnight at around 2am (Wednesday morning), Aisleyne tweeted, "Thanx [sic] for the concerned tweets. I will set the record straight I'm tired now."

This all comes after Farrah was evicted for her aggressive behaviour. She was on CBB's spin-off to discuss the recent evictions of Janice Dickinson and Jenna Jameson.

Things got out of control during the show when Aisleyne was asked if she would miss Farrah. "She was just horrible. She never took accountability for anything she did. She's a silly little girl, it's just pathetic. She's just nasty. It's one thing standing up for yourself and being a strong woman and it's one thing being a nasty horrible b****," she said.

"You've got your cheque, you've had your cheque now get on the plane and f*** off," Aisleyne added.

As Farrah started to react, Aisleyne went ahead to say, "Get on the plane and f*** off, no-one likes you. We don't want you here. Go on!"

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