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Zambezia - Movie Review: Refreshingly Delightful

Zambezia is an animated film in 2D and 3D versions from South Africa and it has been made at par with any other such from Hollywood. It is innocently and delightfully mesmerising. It is also colourful and lively with a birdy - entertainment.

The film begins with Kai (Jeremy Suarez) a young, enthusiastic and lonely falcon living in the barren Katungu desert of Africa questioning his reclusive father, Tendai (Samuel J Jackson), "Is living all about surviving?" When his father was training him to be the fastest lizard grabber. Just like Jonathan Livingston, the Seagull from Richard Bach's novella, Kai, pushes himself to perfection and at the same time is looking for company, to live in a society.

It's by chance that Kai hears about Zambezia, the famed tree city of birds situated on the banks of Victoria Falls, from Gogo (Jennifer Lewis), the old saddle billed stork who ferries young birds and orphan eggs from elsewhere to Zambezia. Enthralled with what he hears, Kai ventures to Zambezia against his father's wishes because he believes that "No friends means no life" and he wants to live life on his terms. Continue to read the story and movie review of Zambezia.

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