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Sidlingu (U/A)

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13 Jan 2012


Sidlingu movie is romantic-drama and a beautiful tale. Sidlingu (Yogesh) briefs his early age set in a village near Maddur. His love to sit in a car, which ...
  • ravichandra 3 years ago

    Its Gaandugali dude! :P

  • vinay-kumar 3 years ago

    The movie was kinda ok...Not so much to talk about the movie.The dialogs were pretty good. What the movie lacked was a a proper script and a ending.The ending was horrible and the flow of the movie was pretty boring. Overall I can give 3 for 5. Can watch once.

  • naveen-sv 3 years ago

    first time i saw ramya in cotton saree. awesum movie no doubt.

  • ranganath 4 years ago

    climax was hrt broking;(

  • super 4 years ago

    Bhanayankara kannada nudi muthugalu sir...

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