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Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus (U)

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12 Sep 2013


Daivathentae Swantham Cleetus revolves around the life of Cleetus who is forced to act in plays. Cleetus comes from a family which is not associated with ...
  • joe 2 years ago

    Wow.... i hope the "father" in front of James is the kids father, not priest --father.... If you are a priest... Please do a favor to yourself n give up your priesthood til u understand what a priest is suppose to be...

  • rahul-menon 2 years ago

    we being citizen of india, are not supposed to discriminate in name of religion, so shut the **** up.

  • raju 2 years ago

    A Good Movie. Family members can see together,Good acting by Mammootty and Honey Rose,

  • sharma-k-nair 2 years ago

    U don't have any right to live in India.bloody nonsense

  • father-james 2 years ago

    u muslim idiot, who gave u right to play the role of our jesus..

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