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08 Apr 2010


Janakan movie is all about   a villager Viswanathan (Suresh Gopi)  who is a family man married to Nirmala (Kaveri) and is the father of a ...
  • rohan 4 years ago

    excellent film suresh gopi-lalettan did very well

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    i wont agree with u

  • x 5 years ago

    i agree but not that much

  • sree 5 years ago

    movie is good....suresh gopi did very well....much better than achan is gud when they give a happy endin we will feel like watchin it again....

  • somebody 5 years ago

    @ sHAKE2010: Spelling of "ELOHWSSA" is without a "W". it's "ELOHSSA"(if that's wot u meant). Theri parayukayaanenkilpolum, sharikku paranjukoode

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