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Shikkar (U)

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09 Sep 2010


Shikkar movie tells about a strong relationship between a father and daughter....
  • rohan 4 years ago

    adipoli padam bt it touched my heart i cried by seeing it...

  • sabir 4 years ago

    Kidilan padam, lalettan thakartu

  • anu 5 years ago

    sathyam chetta :| oru pravisham ningale full movie kankathe aa story kandaal pinne ningal athu kaanilla :| :P

  • shikkari-sambu 5 years ago

    I agree with you.

  • sikkari-sambu 5 years ago

    Shikkar is worth watching only the last 20 minutes. The first half must be named - 'MAKKAR' - Lousy comedy, a quickmade love affair and engagement, gap filling scenes and sentiments.Lal is great as usual, he is still throwing his limbs in action scenes unlike mammuka. Maoist casts were good. Who is that pity actress flunking the role of lal's daughter? A tiny suspense,like in movie 'bramaram', exploded extrawagantly into 2-3 hrs. 2/5 marks

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