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Ai (U/A)


Romance - Thriller

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14 Jan 2015


Ai (I) is a Tamil movie directed by S. Shankar and produced by Venu Ravichandran's Aascar Films. The film stars  Vikram  and  Amy Jackson ...
  • Rahul 2 days ago

    very awesome movie. this was the greatest chance to vikram to show his style,attitude and chemistry. we can see this movie thousands of times it will not be bore. Amy Jackson is very beautiful. and suresh gopis acting is very nice. Santhanam comedies are different in this movie. I can give 5 stars for Shankar.

  • Jude bangalore 4 days ago

    my Honest review after watching the movie last evening ... it had been after a long time wife & myself decided to watch a tamil Movie ... so we booked our tickets on line for (i) we went in with great hopes since the movie was made of some great stars and a great director like shanker .... but once the show begain i was amused seeing the whole theater silent ...atlhough it was almost packed ..... there was not even smiles on faces of people ... even after the jokes made by santhanam.... we felt that the entire movie was a shit ........which had no connection at all........ the entire film was twisted .... which in fact was not worth watching as a family ......... lot of skin show from both the males as well our dear herion which to an extent was ok.vikram is a Good actor as well suresh Gopi who has great image in malayalam .....but here you disfigured his looks and made him look yuk ... and suresh Gopi didnt suit the play, again then the story didnt have a meaning at all........... shame on you Mr shanker ........... its not your style of movie which we expected we felt let down by you

  • m rajesh 4 days ago

    Good Performance by Vikram. Week & old Story Line . Kamal's Aboorva Sagothargal & Guna movies were recollected during watching I. Songs were below average ( Except 2 Nd song)

  • Nandan 7 days ago

    1st of all Shankar directed and Actor Vikram movie "I" have to go in OSCAR. Thunderous acting performance superb Direction. After Movie krish3 it has superb effects which can challenges the best Hollywood's effects movies. Surprisingly it ends is disappointing, That's why i haven't watch its climax. May be that climax is for International audience after all this movie is released in 5 language. after see this movie i think in matter of movies our Indian director can put the climax in happy ending in some specific movies, even though i like mature ending but this time i feel bad. I hope like me many people got disappointment. As i said in my 1st line that movie should go in Oscars may be many peoples think this movie is a " Masala Movie" but that could be ignored. Last but not the least some sensitive audience wold get the humanity of this movie that was so unbelievable. my rating is 4.5

  • Purushotama Anil Kumar Pilla 7 days ago

    I regularly follow the Movie Reviews in FILMI BEAT. This is a gentle request from my end to the FILMI BEAT's critic. "See any movie like a normal audience. Don't expect any miracles to happen on screen. We are the Indian cinema lovers and we need the regular mix of emotions in our Indian Cinema. Never compare our movies with the so called Hollywood movies which lack so many things. Remember… there exists no Spiderman/ Superman (or) Harry potter movie in India.. which ran for 150 days or 100 days. More than 65% of the Indian Cine Lovers hate Hollywood movies because they will be restricted to specific genre. But we need all emotions in a single movie. We need Entertainment and “I” stood an example. It is a beautiful tale of love sullied by jealousies, greed, anger and spine chilling action sequences. Vikram’s performance, Amy’s glamour, PC’s visual grandeur, Weta’s prosthtic make up, Inline comedy, Muthuraj Artwork, Rahman’s Music and finally the vision of Shankar… made “I” .. one of the most watchable Indian movies. That’s why we loved the movie to the core and watching it again and again. Most of the North Circuit are also enjoying the movie and whistling with joy.” My conscience says it is far better than Aamir’s- PK My Rating for this movie is 3.75.