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Dhoom movie starts in the streets of Mumbai, where a gang of high-speed motorcyclists (riding heavy-bikes like the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa) starts breaking into banks and other public places and disappearing.

In the streets of Mumbai a gang of high-speed motorcyclists are robbing banks and money-vans and disappearing into thin air - or rather into pizza delivery boys - before anyone can say "thief". ACP Jai Dixit, a no-nonse...

Abhishek To Shed Extra Kilos For His Next!

Actor Abhishek Bachchan is geared up for his next film which will be produced under his home production ABCL. Sources close to the actor said that, Abhishek is now undergoing a rigorous session to...
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Sequels Which Overpowered the Originals

The trend of making sequels is picking up in Bollywood as it helps the filmmakers to encash from the success of the prequels, which raked in the moolah and their characters left an impression over...
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