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D.Rajendra Babu

30 Mar 1951 (Age 66)
D. Rajendra Babu was a Kannada film maker and screenplay writer. He has directed for over 50 films in various genres, major being sentimental films. He has written and directed numerous blockbuster films, though major of them are re-makes. Apart from Kannada films, he has directed few Telugu films along with a Malayalam and Hindi film each. He is considered one of the most revered directors of Kannada film industry.

Some of the notable works of Babu are Nanu Nanna Hendathi (1985), Olavina Udugore (1987), Ramachaari (1991), Ramarajyadalli Rakshasaru (1990), Halunda Thavaru (1994), Appaji (1996), Diggajaru (2000), Amma (2001), Encounter Dayanayak (2005) and Bindaas (2010).

Rajendra babu died in Bangalore on 03 November 2013.

Babu joined the Kannada film industry in early 1980s as an actor but later on became a filmmaker. He worked as an associate to many top directors like Rajendra Singh Babu, K. S. R. Das and V. Somashekhar.

Babu became an independent director with Jiddu starring Tiger Prabhakar and Jayamala. Though the film was not a big success, his subsequent films like Swabhimaana and Naanu Nanna Hendthi were massive silver jubilee hits. He has so far directed 50 films including a Hindi film, Pyaar Karke Dekho (1987). Rajendra Babu died of heart attack at MS Ramaiah hospital, Bangalore on Sunday Nov 03, 2013. He was 62
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