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Elissa Knight

15 Apr 1975 (Age 42)

Elissa Knight is an employee at Pixar Animation Studios. As a voice actress, her most recent, and first major, role was in the 2008 film WALL-E as a robot named EVE.

Knight has been working as an assistant at Pixar for its recent films, including Cars, Ratatouille, and WALL-E. Knight voices animated characters as necessary, occasionally recording scratch tracks for use until a big-name actor can record their dialogue.

She had her first voice role in the 2006 film Cars as Tia, one of two identical twin Mazda Miata "sisters" who become fans of several of the race cars (The other is played by Lindsey Collins; both actors work at Pixar as assistants).

Knight continued to do voice acting in Pixar's latest film, WALL-E. In WALL-E, she plays EVE (which stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), a futuristic robot (contrasting to WALL-E, who was first built around 700 years prior to the beginning of the film) who descends to Earth in search of any life, specifically plants, that still exist in the 2800s. WALL-E pursues EVE and the two characters fall in love. Knight claims that she had never read the script for WALL-E and made few preparations. The sound engineer Ben Burtt modified her recorded voice to create EVE; Andrew Stanton, the director of WALL-E, decided to keep her voice with the result.
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