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Indrajit Lankesh is a Kannada film director. Indrajit made his debut with the 2002 film Tuntaata. His films are typically stylish and cosmopolitan.

Early life:
Indrajit is the son of writer, journalist and film maker P Lankesh. His sisters Gauri and Kavita are journalist and film maker respectively. Indrajit was initially involved with the Lankesh Patrike.

Indrajit Lankesh began his Kannada film career with the 2002 film Tuntaata featuring Aniruddh, Rekha and Chhaya Singh. The film was inspired from the Hindi hit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But that didn't stop the audience from appreciating the film. Indrajit received the state award for Best Debutant Director. His next film was titled after his father's paper Lankesh Patrike. It featured Darshan and the singer/actress Vasundhara Das. The film had basically nothing much to do with the tabloid itself, it was a love story in the back drop of a biochemical controversy, a real life incident that Indrajit borrowed. The film failed despite a subdued performance from Darshan. Indrajit returned to candy floss romance with his 2004 film Monalisa with Dhyan and Sadaa. This film was a love story and featured Sadaa in a double role. The audience appreciated the film a lot better than they did Lankesh Patrike. It also has the acclaim of being the first Kannada film to have released in a multiplex. The film was also deemed the best film of the year in 2004. Indrajit then did his opus Aishwarya in 2006, featuring a stylish Upendra as an ad executive. It also was a launch vehicle for the model Deepika Padukone. The film did well, but not as well as expected. Indrajit was also pulled up by an irate Daisy Bopanna who claimed that her role was reduced in the film. Indrajit then stepped into Bollywood and made a film with Shiney Ahuja, but it is yet to release. Ashok Kheni, the producer of the film accused Indrajit of cheating him. The incident ended with an arrest for Indrajit, but Indrajit claimed the arrest as being politically motivated.
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