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Jeanette Hain

18 Feb 1969 (Age 48)


Jeanette Hain was born near Munich. While studying at the School of Television and Film in Munich, the by chance meeting with director Sherry Hormann made her childhood dream...
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  • mike 8 months ago

    Came across a photo of you while surfing 🏄 around and was immediately captured by your beauty. I know you have all sorts of crazies in cyberspace who feel the same way. I have always been drawn to the Euro-female. I would be very interested in
    communicating further via email. I've been
    through a long struggle with colorectal cancer ♋ and have been clean for almost three years now. Please let me know if you would be interested in further correspondence. If not I will no longer pursue you. I will check out your bio and probably find all I need to know. One of your many secret admirers. Michael. Peace ✌.

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