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    Mimicry Dayanad Biography

    Mimicry Dayanand (Kannada: ಮಿಮಿಕ್ರಿ ದಯಾನಂದ್) is a popular television and Kannada film actor of Karnataka. he has featured in a many comedy albums and anchored a TV programs called 'Kachaguli' on E-TV.

    Professional life:
    Mimicry Artiste
    Dayanand is capable of Imitating only 73 voices till today, whereas his aim is unlimited which he is keen to achieve them by his performance. Though he known 7 languages, he prefers mainly Kannada Language where he attains satisfaction,. He adores the Star on Mimicry – Mr Johny Lever and he follow the steps of him during his shows. He is capable of imitating some of Hindi Artists also. His shows conveys an intellectual message among the general public who executes his words in their day to day life. He gives lectures. He wishes to get recognised as a mimicry artiste.

    Stage Artiste:
    Performed in more than, 2,050 different kind of plays in Theatres, some of them being Amateur / Art; Professional; Historical: Mythological kind of theatre, but in all those plays, he is recognised and wishes to be recognised as a comedian. In these plays, he always sees that the audiences are entertained by his comedy acts. He involves himself into the character he plays in theatres through his voices.

    Film Artiste:
    He started his career in filmland since from “Kaadina Benki” and till date he has acted in more than 93 films. He was gifted with the guidance of     Shri Girish Karnad and Shri Suresh Heblikar. He has acted with all renowned Kannada cinestars like Dr.Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish, Ravichandran, Shankar Naag, Jaggesh, Shivarajkumar, Upendra, many more to name a few. He has worked under the direction of Durai-Bhagwan, Suresh Heblikar, Shankar Naag, Upendra, Raghavendra Rao, Sangeetham Srinivas Rao, S Narayan, M.S. Rajshekar, Pani Ramachandra.
    Presently he is acting in 19 films and recently released / to be released films are Sri Manjunatha. Friends, Dakota Express, Make-up, Daddru Sir Daddru. He is having busy schedules in his present life.

    Tv Artiste:
    He started his small screen performances in small strings like “Sihi Kahi” being directed by H.M.K.Murthy, “Mechanic Muddha” being directed by Ramesh Bhat, He was associated with Udaya T.V wherein he involves in different characters in every week’s Udaya Top 10, serials like Durga, Prema Pichachigalu, etc., he has given performance along with VIPs like S.P.Balasubramaniam, Jesudas, Usha Utup, Aishwarya Rai, Master Hirannaian, Babu Hirannaiah, in addition to all these, in “Kachaguli” programme, he has given about 90 different characters through which great persons and critics have indentified him as Parakaya Pravesha” in ETV Kannada.

    Voice Dubbing Artiste:
    Dayanand has dubbed his voice to many actors like Puneet Issar (Hindi), Captain Raj (Malayalam), Kannada Artists-Dinesh, Ambarish, Sunderkrishna Urs, Shankar Nag and many, other language artists, given them their own voice tuned to kannada. He give his voice to suit to the performers. No matter what the character is when he dubs the audience will never feel that shortages of the expressions.

    Dayanand has discussed various subjects interviewing about 175 celebrities in his Dayananda Loke. He has been associated with many performers on stage including Tumkur Mahadevaiah, Kasturi Shankar, Sound of Music Gururaj, Manjula Gururaj, Mohan simpets’ Mohan, Madan Mallu, B R Chaya, Joseph Aroind, Gana Vinodhini (Vice President of Comedy Troup), Professor Manjunatha Hiremath (Comedy Magician)

    He has also recorded about 10 comedy Audio Cassette under the guidance of Sound of Music Gururaj, out of which “Hasya Lasya”, “Hasya Lokha” “Hasya Jathre”, “Hasya Apahrahan”, “Hasyotsva” are being marketed on high scale and are appreciated by the audiences. Dayanand has served for 25 years with Government of Karnataka Cauvery emporium.

    Dayanand has the main motive to being langhter in the life and he has formed “hasya loka wherein oly langhter is motivated. Langhter is the best medicine the slogan pronounced by Dayanand.

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