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Sherlyn Chopra (Punjabi:ਸ਼ੇਰ੍ਲ੍ਯਨ ਚੋਪਰਾ, Hindi:शरलीं चोप्रा, Urdu:شیرلین چوپڑا) (formerly known as Mona Chopra:मोना चोप्रा ) is an Indian model, singer and actress.

Early life

Chopra was born in Hyderabad in 1984.

Interview with Filmy Cinema about her family, " Maybe from my childhood…. My mother has never cooperated with me

Maybe from my childhood…. My mother has never cooperated with me. My family has always tried to suppress me. They used to think I am worthless, and like many other girls I would simply get married and stay at home.

My father stood out amongst such negative thinkers. He always felt that I had a spark. I used to be a topper in all fields in school. So it is quite understandable that when you try to suppress a topper, he/she is bound to rebel.

My mother is a Persian Muslim. What is art for me is 'timepass' for her. This pricks me a lot".


Interview with Filmy Cinema, she said the following about her sex secrets and sex confession, "When my film Naughty Boy was supposed to come out, the film makers got hold of my MMS from somewhere and leaked it out for publicity.

I was in an orgy with 2 guys and we were experimenting

I was 16 when I had my first orgy with 2 guys and we were trying to experiment. After that, I had it again, with a guy and a girl. I don’t believe in sticking to the normal of 1:1 ratio thing. If you can heighten your pleasure in a ratio of 1: 3 or 2: 4, then why not? I also use sex toys coz’ do you think the Indian male is well-‘equipped’ to satisfy me?

Be it the kitchen or the bedroom, I am a very demanding person, if not dominating. And you know what! My ex-boyfriend helped me in waxing some parts so that I could put on a very skimpy bikini".


Chopra's early acting career was mainly in the B-grade Bollywood films. She appeared in movies such as Time Pass, Red Swastik and Game. She also appeared in Telugu film 'A film by Aravind' which went on to become a super hit.

In recent times she appears to have made a conscious effort to project herself as a serious artist, releasing her first music album, and making a cameo appearance in an Yashraj Film. Sherlyn Chopra is the second guest on Bigg Boss (Season 3). She was evicted on Day 27 from the show.

Talking about how was the "Red Swastik" experience? She said,"The experience was pretty hurting. I have decided that after "Outrageous" I will do another project and then go and meet Vinod Pandey. I will ask him how long he has been in the industry, more importantly, how much he knows about cinema.

Despite being such a big film-maker he couldn't make one hit movie? He says I am the reason behind the failure but the truth is that he is at fault. He made me over-act in the film so much that even a blind person would know that the movie is a flop."

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