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Sudha Murthy

19 Aug 1950 (Age 66)


Padma Shri Sudha Kulkarni Murthy (Kannada: ಸುಧಾ ಮೂರ್ತಿ) is an Indian social worker and author. She is known for her philanthropic work through the Infosys...
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  • ranjana 12 months ago

    Belated happy birthday madam

  • ranjana 12 months ago

    Be lated happy birthday madam

  • Bharath kumar 12 months ago

    Belated happy birthday madam

  • Vijay kumar 12 months ago

    Belated birthday wishes , i pray to god to bless you with good health and strenth to serve human kind.

  • lakshika singh 12 months ago

    hello mam.
    I am from Daly college Indore, STUDYING IN CLASS 9... I have been given this golden oportunity to play your character on the hot seat in school.... in this activity a boy will ask me 5 questions related to you. and i have to give him the questions. the boy will just be interviewing me ...So mam please could u suggest me some...
    And i have read your book HOW I TAUGHT MY GRANDMOTHER its really a book that everyone shuld read and also your DOLLAR BAHU...
    Waiting for your reply...
    yours sincerly
    Lakshika Kumari Singh

  • lingaraj , 12 months ago

    happy birthday mam

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