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The Matrix

Audience Review

Release Date

1999 (India)
31 Mar 1999 (WorldWide)

The Matrix Story

The Matrix is based on the character Thomas Anderson who is apparently a normal person, with a job at a computer software company... But in the night he is a hacker, nicknamed Neo. He searches for someone he has heard in rumors. Someone that knows something. Something mysterious enough to keep him wandering: WHAT IS THE MATRIX?

Finally, that someone finds him. He is Morpheus, the man who has the answer to Neo's doubt and questions. Considered a terrorist by a group of government agents, led by Agent Smith, Morpheus will take Neo into taking the hardest decision of his life: find out the true reality... in which he isn't living. Neo will then discover the shocking truth of the world, the real world.

The one that he believes to be living isn't such: it is a huge computer simulation, a sophisticated virtual reality taking place 200 years ahead in the future to which human race is connected, just to keep it unaware of the hardest of all truths... Joined with Morpheus and the rest of his team, including brave Trinity, Neo will start a crusade to bring down the oppressing system of the Matrix, finding out in the way he's far more important than what he believes to be.

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