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Marvel's Superheroes Vs DC's Superheroes!

Written By: Nirmalraj
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    Now that Batman Vs Superman has had both critics and fans on the opposite sides of the rope, it's time to shelve it and look at another most anticipated clash about to take place about a month from now, the epic battle between Captain America And Iron Man!

    While there is a lot of hype of the superhero clash, we sure know that the other superheroes of Marvel would be split in two. We shall wait and see how that movie pans out. Today we are going to pitch the two universes against each other and see how each character is present in both the universes in one form or the other.

    Atom (DC) & Ant-Man (Marvel)

    Atom was first introduced in 1940 followed by Ant-man in 1942. both have similar technologies in their suits like shrinking and growing back to the normal size.

    Aquaman (DC) & Namor (Marvel)

    Aquaman was introduced in 1941, while Namor made his debut in 1939. Both the characters have their superpowers associated with the sea.

    Black Lightening (DC) & Electro (Marvel)

    Black Lightening made it to the comic world in 1977, while Electro already existed thirteen years ahead of him in 1964, both have power that has to do with electricity and magnets.

    Commander Steel (DC) & Captain America (Marvel)

    Both the characters were penned by the same creator and have similar origin stories. Both are tied to World War II.

    Catwoman (DC) & Black Cat (Marvel)

    Catwoman (1940) was busy jumping around the streets when Black Cat made her first appearance in 1979. The two characters have mannerisms similar to cats.

    Clayface (DC) & Sandman (Marvel)

    In 1940 Clayface was a mess, cleaning up the clay off of his face! J.K... Sand man made his debut in 1963 and both these characters have same attributes that, if they both fight against each other, the result would be a tie.

    Darkseid (DC) & Thanos (Marvel)

    Both these badass supervillains are cosmic and ruthless and all powerful. The clash between the two would result in destruction of the universe. Darkseid made his debut in 1970 while his counterpart marked his entry three years later.

    Hawkman (DC) & Angel (Marvel)

    Both have wings and both sure can withstand in a fight. The Hawkman made his appearance in 1940 while Angel made his presence felt in 1963.

    Green Lantern (DC) & Quasar (Marvel)

    Both have cosmic powers like the will to survive for Green Lantern. The quantum bands equally match for both these characters. Green Lantern first appeared in 1940 while Quasar took his time and slowly entered Marvel's comic world in 1978.

    Green Arrow (DC) & Hawkeye (Marvel)

    These two are evenly matched given their skill set. Both have a bull's eye for a target and both never miss a shot. Green Arrow entered the DC universe in 1941 and Hawkeye in 1964.

    Flash (DC) & Quick Silver (Marvel)

    These speedsters have similar speeds in their own universe, while the Flash has the speed force with him that he can time travel, while Quick Silver hasn't yet made any time jump yet. Flash was first introduced in 1940 while Quick Silver followed 24 years later in 1964.

    Dr.Polaris (DC) & Magneto (Marvel)

    Both these characters debuted in the same year 1963, having similar powers with magnets and electricity.

    Dr. Fate ( DC) & Dr. Strange (Marvel)

    As fate would have it, Dr.Fate appeared in 1940 while his counterpart first made a public appearance in 1963. Both have psychic powers.

    Deathstroke (DC) & Deadpool (Marvel)

    Deathstroke (1980) is the original character created by DC with unbelievable combat skills, while Marvel decided to make a parody of Deathstroke so they created Deadpool(1991). The character Deathstroke goes by the name Slade Wilson and Deadpool's real name is Wade Wilson.

    Grundy (DC) & Hulk (Marvel)

    This anti-hero has many opponents such as Superman and Batman. He was first shown in 1944 while the Hulk made his debut in 1962. Both have super giant bodies and are super strong.

    Martian Manhunter (DC) & Vision (Marvel)

    Martian Manhunter made his debut to the DC world in 1955 while Marvel's Vision joined the superheroes in 1968. Both can read minds and both stand for justice.

    Dark Knight (DC) & Moon Knight (Marvel)

    The all time popular Batman made his very first appearance back in 1935. The Dark Knight ruled the nights until Moon Knight came along in 1975. The two are equally matched in terms of skill and combat.

    Superman (DC) & Gladiator and Hyperion (Marvel)

    The God among humans, Superman, descended to planet Earth in 1938 while Marvel's version of Superman first took his place among the superheroes in the form of Hyperion in 1969. Later in 1977, another version of superman ,slightly different to Hyperion was introduced in the Marvel universe.

    Brainiac (DC) & Ultron (Marvel)

    Superman's Nemesis Brainiac was first seen in 1958 while his alter ego entered the Marvel world 10 years later in 1968. Both Brainiac and Ultron are Artificial Intelligence beings, trying to take over the world, so both have similar intentions.

    Nightwing (DC) & Daredevil (Marvel)

    Both are astonishing acrobats, one is the sidekick of Batman while Daredevil is his own vigilante. In 1963, Nightwing made his cameo while Daredevil was seen in Hell's Kitchen from 1964.

    Images Courtesy: pintrest, comie vine, twitter, wikipedia

    Despite different origin stories, the characters have similar traits of power and would be evenly matched in a fair fight.

    Although each character is superior than their counterparts in one way or another, they both reign supreme in their own universes.

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    The significant difference between both the universes is that, Marvel characters live in real world like New York and Hell's Kitchen and are more relatable to the real world, with real world problems. While all the DC characters live in fictitious cities like Gotham, Metropolis, Central city and sort of feel like, they exist in the world of their own.

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    The DC characters are more superhuman and are mostly dark in terms of live-action movies while Marvel characters are more related to normal human beings and have a lighter tone of humor mixed in the grand scheme of things.

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    Overall, the battle between the characters from both universe would result in a tie! Both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses.

    Who do you think will win the war between these two super giants? Hit the comment section to show your support for your favorite superhero character.

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