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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

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    By: Dhanyasree M
    Friday, July 20, 2007
    Do you feel that a Harry Potter film is incomplete without the regular scenes of thrilling Quidditch matches? If yes, just watch the latest film in the series that enthralls the entire world. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, which hit the theatres on 11th July 2007, will entirely trans lift the Pottter fans' attention to the wizard world. Read the exclusive review:

    Harry Potter starts his 5th year at the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardy. His vacation period was eventful due to the narrow escape from dementors and subsequent Ministry hearing. Even the entry to Hogwarts does not lift his spirits, due to his fellow students believe that he is a lier who spreads the fear of Lord Voldemort's return.

    Harry's life at Hogwarts gets worsened due to the new appointment of the Hogwarts teacher Dolores Umbridge. She sets a bad eye on Harry and start to restrict the other teachers even replacing the Headmaster. Harry's revived interests in forming Dumbledore's Army and the love affair with Cho Chang get shattered as Umbridge has a way to prohibit them.

    Harry also experiences terrible nightmares, which he realizes to be the usurping feelings of the Dark Lord. Even though these overlapping emotions help him to save Arthur Weasley from death, it also becomes a trap for him. Harry feel that the Dark Lord is torturing his godfather Sirius Black and reaches the Ministry with his friends. A ferocious battle follows between them and Death Eaters. The Order Of the Phoenix, including Sirius Black arrives at the spot and in the following battle Bellatrix Lestrange kills Sirius Black.

    Harry Potter wants to avenge the death of his godfather but, interrupted by the Dark Lord himself. Albus Dumbledore arrives at Harry's aid and a battle of titans follows. Dark Lord flees away once again as the Ministry members arrive at the spot. Even though Voldemort tries to shatter Harry's mind at the last moment, the magic power of love and friendship retrieves his spirits.

    Differences From The Text
    There are many deviations in the film from the original text of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter. However four of the striking deviations are as follows:

    • In the novel Harry Potter and Cho Chang gets separated after Cho Chang's friend Marietta cheats the D.A. Cho Chang also suspects the relationship between Hermione and Harry. When Harry and Cho Chang have different view points of Marietta's treachery, it is Cho Chang who ends the relationship.
    • In the film it is Cho Chang who tells about D.A to Dolores Umbridge. She does this under the power of 'veritaserum'. Even when Cho Chang tries to explain her innocence, it is Harry who stops the relationship.
    • There is detailed description of Hermione and Ron becoming Perfects in the book. These scenes as well as the detailed scenes of Qudditch matches are omitted in the film.
    • The Prison breakout from Azakaban is not mentioned in detail in the original text. The film depiction of the scene gives more positive effect to the plot.
    • Harry sets to battle Lord Voldemort after confirming Sirius' absence with Kreacher. In the film Harry flies to the Ministry based only on his dream.

    The major actors of the film remain same at a time when the two major anchors have changed. David Yates and Michael Goldenberg make their debut in the Harry Potter series as the director and script writer respectively. Nicholas Hooper's soundtrack composing makes this film more attractive than its predecessors.

    Settings Potter fans unanimously agree that the setting of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, is apt to their text descriptions. Stuart Craig has used a wonderful talent in creating the 200 feet in length Ministry Of Magic. Carig's designs are inspired by the London underground stations. The other familiar place in shooting include Leavesdon studios, Oxford premises, River Thames, London Eye, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and HMS Belfast.

    After all, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, is a highly recommended film! Even the muggles who are totally alien to Harry Potter stories admit that they find the film worth entertaining.

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