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      She Season 2 Web Series Review: Aaditi Pohankar's Acting Skills Get Due Credit With A Challenging Plot

      Star Cast: Aaditi Pohankar, Vishwas Kini, Kishore Kumar G
      Director: Imtiaz Ali

      Available On: Netflix
      7 Episodes /45 Minutes
      Language: Hindi

      Plot: She Season 2 follows Aaditi Pohankar's Bhumika, who takes on an even dangerous mission to stay by Nayak's side and infiltrate the drug kingpin's plans and stop him from establishing a drug trade network in the country.

      Aaditi Pohankar,

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      Review: Netflix's female-led show She is known for its bold scenes and story of a police constable who explores her sexuality, as she is sent undercover on a mission to track a drug lord. Season one ended with Aaditi Pohankar's Bhumi finding confidence in herself, her capabilities and her work. Now, season 2 explores her testing her own boundaries as she dives deeper into the dangerous world trying to find the line between good for her and good for the nation.

      The show begins immediately after the events of the previous season. Bhumi who has been missing for two days after Nayak picked her up, returns and reports back to the Anti-Narcotics Group. The new officers begin her interrogation and evaluation to find out where she had been and what happened between her and Nayak. She confesses to striking a deal with the drug lord to save her life and agreeing to become his mole in the police force.

      Meanwhile, her handler Jason Fernandez (played by Vishwas Kini) is not ready to trust her, and rightfully so as Bhumi hides details about her physical and romantic involvement with Nayak. She continues to juggle between wanting to save her relationship with Nayak and fulfilling her duty to her nation. However, the screenplay focuses more on Bhumika's personal agenda than turning her into a cop who would lay down for the blood of its enemies.

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      Apart from her work and undercover life, Bhumi continues to struggle with her mother and her younger sister. Her ex-husband still has control over her, and despite the power, Bhumi is unable to truly get past it. Season 2 gives her a chance to face him and move on. Her elegance thereon is for herself and whoever it aligns with till the end.

      Bhumi who used to be a simple constable, has only just tasted what power would feel like and she is willing to go to lengths to get more, even if it means working with Nayak. The makers nowhere deny the toxic relationship the two have, but they don't try to justify it either, and it works best in the show's interest. Though the finale twist can be seen from an episode or two away, there are many twists in the show that make it worthwhile.

      Aaditi Pohankar, Kishore Kumar G

      Aaditi Pohankar's talent is more appreciated in season 2 with a plot that chooses to showcase her acting skills over her looks. Her chemistry with Vijay Varma is missed, however, Kishore Kumar G brings a dramatic charm. Even with his character's overwhelming presence, the makers have managed to give Aaditi her due which was overshadowed by the sexual content in the previous season.

      Overall, She Season 2 screenplay is an improvement from the previous season and it's much more thrilling and complete, even as a standalone if anyone wishes to skip season one. Aaditi Pohankar's talent as an actress has been put to better use with a more challenging plot.

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