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Red Wine

Red Wine

Release Date : 21 Mar 2013
Director : Salam Bappu
Critics Rating
Audience Review
Red Wine progresses with a good element of suspense with Mohanlal as Ratheesh. Fahad Fazil and Asif Ali do the roles of Anoop and Ramesh respectively.

Anoop and Ramesh are strangers and have nothing in common. They share different principles and beliefs. But at a particular turn of events, both come together for a common purpose and it is Ratheesh who was instrumental in their encounter. The following eventful incidents are plotted in Red Wine.
  • Salam Bappu
  • A S Gireesh Lal
  • Biji Bal
    Music Director
  • Rafeeq Ahammed
    Red Wine, directed by Salam Palapetty and starring Mohanlal, Fahad Fazal and Asif Ali in the lead is an average thriller film which won't bore you for sure. While the first half is especially striking, the script lets you down in the second half as..
  • 2406 days ago
    Itz an Flop movie. Blow avg first half second half Utter Wast Expcly Clmx. Fahad nu role kooduthal... lalettn Verum Nokku Kuthi. Aasif bore aakilla.. climax il twist onnum aarum pratheekshikena(anganeyonnilla ithil)...Sure itz utter flop of the year.. my rate 0.5/5 Lalannan Hattricknte Niravil
  • 2406 days ago
    Oru just Average film Valare nalla oru first half and mosham second half.. Padam starting okke nannayi.. First scene thanne Fahad intro.. Avide ninnu angot nalla reethiyil padam poyi.. Full Party based aanu.. Chukappu mayam ellayidathum.. Angane suspense nilanirthi kondu first half avasanichu.. Nalla kayyadi aayirunnu intervel'inu.. 2nd half staring onnum kuzhappamilla.. Pinne angot padan bore aayi thudangi.. Usual suspense elements thanne.. Climax njan vicharichathilum bore aayi.. Perfo nokkumbol ellavarum nannayi.. Fahad kidu.. Lalettane pinne prathyekam parayandallo.. As usual kidu.. Pinne Asif,avanu karyamayi cheyyan onnum illa.. Ennalum nannayi.. Penn piller ellam kidu.. Pinne Saiju annan also did a good job.. Direction kuzhappamilla.. First half nannayirunnu ennal 2nd half pora.. Script also same level.. Nalla first mosham 2nd half.. BGM's pora.. Oru impact undakkiyilla.. Aake nannayathu party music maathram aanu.. Main problem the usual suspects thanne aanu ithilum villian aakunathu.. Over all a just Avg movie..
  • 2406 days ago
    1st half goes pretty well setting the stage for investigation. It mainly focusses on the life of Anoop, the character played by Fahad and to some extend the life of Ramesh, the character played by Asif. Both stories are well worked out and is successfull in getting viewers engaged to the same. Lal has limited role to play here as the focus is completely on Anoop's background story. The Real Estate Mafia eyeing lands like Wayanad is touched upon eventhough it does not create a heavy impact. The only thread which creates impact in viewers in Fahad's life and Asif's life and both of their better halves characters. In the 2nd half movie gets more into the investigative mode now the life stories of both are told. The investigative track goes in an average way with no major twists or suspense. Eventhough there is no major twists or suspense still the proceedings becomes interesting because of Fahad's love track and Asif's wife's helpless situations and their stories. The film lags at times in 2nd half but still good overall. Positives Fahad - Very good performance. Good Script Good Direction Fahad's Lady love, Asif's wife and all nammale veruppichilla. Usually anganathe characters okke nammale veruppickaaraanallo padhivu. Performances Lal - Nothing for him to do. A role which will be played by any actor well. He has also not tried to bring in any changes.
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