Thangaat Garba Is ‘Unstoppable’ After Being Part Of Falguni Pathak’s Non-Stop Garba


    Navratri is one of the longest dance festivals in the world. And the khelaiyaas are all set to dance their hearts out on the grounds and arenas as they sway to the tunes of different artists. However, nobody can ever beat Garba Queen Falguni Pathak. As she comes out with another music video for Garba lovers, it is only natural that her video requires the best choreography too. And Thangaat Garba believes in being nothing but the best!

    The most recently released video with Falguni Pathak is her Non-Stop Garba video that lasts for more than an hour with a dozen authentic Garba as well as Gujarati folk songs. Collaborating with her is like a dream come true for them. As assistant choreographers, they worked very hard to set the right steps and get the aesthetic right for her popular numbers that she sings during Navratri in Mumbai. Parth Patel says, "It is nothing but an honour to be able to share a platform with Falguni Pathak. Be it on stage winning prizes or choreographing and planning a video with her. I am thankful Thangaat has come such a long way. Being assistant choreographers as well as involving our Garba troupe with the Queen herself is a dream come true!"

    Manifesting this desire was not an easy task for both the founders. They themselves have danced for years and make a name for themselves as Garba dancers. Naturally, they have always been drawn to only one artist among a whole bunch of them who perform at Navratri - Falguni Pathak. "If you'd have told me this ten years ago, I would say this was too good to be true. Parth and I always had the desire to work with Falguni ma'am, even before we started Thangaat. And now we seem to have manifested our vision and how! Being able to arrange steps on her iconic numbers like 'Mavtar Made To' and 'Moti Re Vadhavo' is like living your ultimate dream," Ankit Upadhyayasaid.

    Thangaat Garba Is ‘Unstoppable’ After Being Part Of Falguni

    The duo has not only been active while teaching, but also have a strong online presence of Instagram with fresh content being posted frequently. Perhaps their approachable demeanor and adaptability to traditional and modern steps is what got them work with Falguni Pathak. "When we say Queen, she really is one. She literally rules the crowd - both in the video as well as on the ground. And I was nothing but mesmerized while being in the same room with her," Ankit said expressing his excitement on the hour-long video.

    Started in 2018, Thangaat Garba was present in 12 locations merely in a span of one year in Mumbai and trained 1500+ Garba enthusiasts. This Garba school has conducted workshops in colleges and trained 4700+ students. Conducted a workshop in California, USA. Started in 2018 with couple of batches in Kandivali, Mumbai, Thangaat Garba has scaled to a different level in 4 years. In 2018, we conducted classes at 5 locations in Mumbai and trained about 850+ students.

    75+ Regular & Advance Garba Batches, 15+ Bollywood Garba Workshops,1500+ Students across India & USA,150+ Trained Instructors. Conducted batches across India (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Ahmedabad), USA (Seattle, Bay Area & San Francisco) and Europe (Ireland)

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