Ramana Story

    Ramana is a Tamil action movie directed by A. R. Murugadoss. The film stars Vijaykanth and Simran.


    The film is about a common man who decides to abolish corruption altogether in the society at various levels. ACF sends the tape, with the message that they shall continue the kidnap of the corrupt officers in all the departments and that the No.1 corrupt shall be sentenced to death according to the law of the Anti Corruption Force.  

    Then the kidnapping continues. The case is investigated by group of several old aged senior level officials who are very slow moving in their progress. However an IPS passed guy who is working as constable (unable to pay the bribe to get the Officer level job) takes up the case in order to get promotion in the department and moves ahead of those officials in a short time.He investigates the case starting with finding of the non-corrupt official in every government office assuming that official would have collected the information of other corrupt officers and passed it to ACF.

    He gradually finds out that they are alumni of National College and working for the ACF under their professor and the leader of the ACF, Professor Ramanaa.

    Ramana is a happy professor with his wife who is expecting second child and daughter. On a Deepavali day, when the whole apartment is celebrating the festival,the entire building collapses due to some fault in the construction and many of the residents including Ramana's wife and daughter lose their lives. Ramana rushes to the Government Officials and he comes to know that all this was due to one person namely Bhadrinarayanan, owner of a construction company and builder of that apartment. 

    Ramana finds that the building was constructed on a lose soil which was very well known to him. Bhadrinarayanan and his men thrash Ramana heavily and beat him to death. However Ramana escapes from them. The incidents that he faced at the office and seeing corrupt puppets in the hands of Bhadrinarayanan, he gets frustrated and he forms the ACF (Anti Corruption Force) to fight against corruption. He also kidnaps Bhadrinarayanan and kills him like he killed other corrupted officials. What happens next? To be watched in full screen.
    **Note:Hey! Would you like to share the story of the movie Ramana with us? Please send it to us (popcorn@oneindia.co.in).

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