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Jodha Akbar: Anarkali To Dance In Front Of Salim

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Jodha Akbar February 4th episode: The group of tabawaifs comes to the Mughal palace for the selection of the festival performers. Anarkali sees Rukaiya and remembers that Rukaiya threw her out of the palace. She thinks this time also Rukaiya will throw her out, but the reverse happens. Rukaiya selects three girls for performance, including Anarkali.

Rukaiya explains to Hoshier that she is actually playing with Jodha’s dream. While Jodha is dreaming about the marriage of Man Bai and Salim, she is bringing Anarkali in fornt of Salim’s eyes. Salim’s hatred will be changed into love again, thinks Rukaiya.

Anarkali confuses the exit of the palace and hurts her foot. She sees Salim coming towards her. She is scared that Salim will throw her out and will never allow her to take part in the fest. She hides her face with the dupatta and says that she is a tabawaif. But seeing her feet bleeding, Salim lifts her and takes her to the gate. He orders the guards to drop her at house.

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The princes arrange a piece of drama to be performed in the anniversary function. It is on the love story of Jodha and Akbar. They decide that Salim and Man Bai will respectively play the parts of Akbar and Jodha. But Salim declines. Daniyal plays the role of Akbar.

Daniyal asks Man Bai about her choice of husband. She replies that her marriage is to be fixed in the palace of Agra. Daniyal nurtures a hope of getting married to Man Bai. Zilbahar is shocked knowing that Anarkali is to dance in the function to earn money! Anarkali convinces her saying that there is no other way out to save Rashid.

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Akbar and Jodha wish each other in the morning of their marriage anniversary.

Let's wait and watch Jodha Akbar tonight to see if Salim will allow Anarkali to dance at the ceremony in front of everyone or not.

Rukhaiya Picks The Dancers

Rukhaiya will be the one to pick the dancers who will be performing during the ceremony. Anarkali will be worried scared she might not pick her.

Anarkali Picked

Rukhaiya will finally pick her to dance at the ceremony. She will also inform her that she will be the one to dance right in front of Shehanshah.

Anarkali Relieved

Anarkali will feel relieved that she got picked to dance at the ceremony and now she can earn the money needed for her father's treatment.

Anarkali Sees Salim

Anarkali gets lost in the palace and finds herself getting badly hurt while walking. She will find Salim walking up to her and she will get worried he will throw her out if he sees her.

Salim Questions Anarkali

Salim would question Anarkali not knowing it is her. He would ask her what she is doing here alone and she would reply saying that she is one among the dancers and that she is lost.

Anarkali Hides

Anarkali will find herself hiding away from Salim so he would not recognise it is her and she will reply saying she is one of the dancers and tries to escape.

Salim Takes Anarkali Out

When Salim finds out Anarkali is hurt he will offer to take her outside and will carry her in his arms. Anarkali will cover herself throughout. Slaim will have no clue it is her.

Anarkali To Dance?

Anarkali will be dancing in front of Salim and others. While now she managed to escape from him she will not be able to do the same during the ceremony. Will Salim let her dance?

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