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Swaragini: Swara Attempts Suicide; Sanskar Saves Her; Lakshya To Get Arrested!

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In Swaragini, Swara is back and comes to Lakshya's (Namish Taneja) home to apologise and also to get answer from her sister Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). Swara (Helly Shah) wants to know how can her loving sister get so selfish for Lakshya and how can she separate her parents to get her love?

Swara will accept the mistake that she hasn't done in front of everyone that makes Durga Prasad accept Ragini as his daughter-in-law. Even Lakshya throws Swara out of the house saying he doesn't want to see her and hates her.

Swaragini: Lakshya Gets Drunk;Ragini Gets Closer To Lakshya; Swara-Sanskar Save Lakshya From Police!

Ragini excuses Lakshya as she wanted to speak to her sister alone. Ragini asks her ‘why didn't she hit her instead she is doing all these dramas'. Swara says that since Ragini has started the drama, she will end it. Even Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) comes along and tells that he is with Swara and will bring Ragini's reality out.

On the other hand, Sanskar will apologise for his mistakes of misunderstanding Durga Prasad and Lakshya. Sujatha asks Durga Prasad to forgive her son. Although he doesn't forgive Sanskar, he allows him to stay in the house.

Swaragini Spoiler: Swara To Marry Sanskar To Teach Ragini A Lesson!

In the upcoming episode, as we reported Ragini will dream of getting close to Lakshya, who in turn gets drunk and doze off. Upset Ragini warns Sanskar not to do anything against her, but Sanskar is adamant on his stand of helping Swara and brining Ragini's true colours out.

Ragini will be all set for her post marriage ceremonies, where Lakshya will get arrested. Though Ragini tries to stop him, the police take him away as Swara goes missing.


Dida will complain to police thinking Lakshya is responsible for Swara's missing as after she went to Lakshya's place, she had gone missing.


According to the latest spoiler, Swara would be upset and getting no way to come out of the problems tries to commit suicide.

Sanskar Saves Swara

In that nick of the time, Sanskar comes to Swara's rescue. He saves her giving her advice to face the situation.

Sanskar Marries Swara

Sanskar gets married to Swara. Well, if this is part of Swara-Sanskar's drama to bring Ragini's reality out or did they really get married - it should be seen in the upcoming episodes.


With Swara getting married to Sanskar, she can gain entry easily to Lakshya's home and the duo's work becomes easy.


Ragini will be shocked to see Swara in the same house. Now the drama is going to get more intense and interesting! Isn't?

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