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LOL! Ishita Fools Raman For Aditya's Guitar Class: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein! [PHOTOS]

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein had Raman (Karan Patel) getting fooled by Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi). Ishita proves that she has the capacity to make Raman dance to her tunes without lifting a finger. Raman, who believed it is beneath him to serve his wife will be seen falling nose first for her trick.

Raman recently was seen trying to prove he is not anybody's 'gulaam'. Irked Ishita stays silent but decides to come up with something to prove he is wrong. And when Raman tries to take a stand regarding Aditya learning guitar only because he has the authority will make Ishita to decide on her trick.

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Ishita will fool Raman in believing that he has pulled out a lock of hair while he was giving her a oil massage. Ishita also tells him about some made up stories about a barber cutting the length of her hair a little extra and how she threw a tantrum so big that he had to fall on her feet to escape her.

Unaware that it was all Ishita's trick to prove herself, Raman will be seen getting extremely scared about the entire scenario. He will even be scared when he sees Ishita finding out about the hair he was hiding that he assumed was hers.

Finally Raman, Ishita, Aditya, Ruhi Are A Happy Family: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein recently had a serious turn of events which included Ishita and Raman's children, Ruhi and Aditya, getting into a life and death situation and Ishita saving them but ending up trapped under a fallen building. The current fun on the show is to bring in some light scenarios into the show.

Ishita Fools Raman

The latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein had Ishita fooling Raman without much effort. She will want to prove that Raman does not have the ultimate power.

Ishita Plans

Raman will be seen trying to take stands about Aditya not being allowed to learn guitar since he thinks it is not manly enough. Ishita plans to prove him wrong.

Ishita's Plan

Ishita plans to fool Raman by making him believe that he pulled out her hair when it was just fake hair pinned to her head.

Ishita Brags About Her Hair

Ishita will be seen creating stories about her hair and her experiences. She tells Raman about the time when she threw a tantrum when her hair was cut a little too much.

Raman Scared To Death

It will just be when Ishita is telling Raman about how precious her hair is that Raman thinks he pulled out her hair.

Raman Worried For Life

Raman will be seen getting worried for his life after pulling out a lot of Ishita's hair. He will be seen trying his best to hide the hair and pretend like nothing happened.


Ishita, Toshi and Simmi invite Sujata for lunch and will even prepare a lot of food for her. But when Ishita calls her to invite, she will be told she will be busy at court.

Sujata In Hospital

Sujata would have told Ishita that she will be meeting a judge over an important matter. But Ishita finds her in the hospital and meeting a Psychiatrist.

Sujata Lies To Ishita

Ishita meets Sujata and asks her face to face why she lied to her about meeting a judge. Sujata will then confess that Subbu is getting treated for his depression.

Adi's Guitar Class

Raman will be opposing Aditya's guitar classes even when Ishita and Adi insist on it. Ishita will decide to make Raman agree to it using the trick.

Ishita Finds The Hair

Ishita will find the hair Raman thinks he pulled out. He would have hid it but poorly. Ishita will find it and create a big scene.

Raman Petrified

Raman will be seen getting petrified about Ishita finding the hair he was hiding from her. Raman will later be made to agree for Aditya's guitar classes using this issue.

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