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Love In Singapore (U)

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29 Sep 1980

Love In Singapore Story

Love in Singapore is action romance based movie in which, Chiranjeevi (suresh) acted as the brother of Ranganath who is the main hero of the film. chiru’s father (P J Sharma) is a police officer and one day he catches a criminal ( om prakash) and sends him to jail.
chiru and ranganath were small boys at that time. One night chiru quarrles with his brother over a silly issue and when his father beats him ,he runs away from house in anger. Same night the villain cames to chiru’s house and kills his father in revenge.
Ranganath becomes a CBI officer and on the order of Indian government he goes to singapore to catch the mafia don who operates from singapore. There he is rescued by chiru from villain’s hench men and knows that chiru is his brother.
Chiru has a chinese girl friend, Meslin, and both are small time theives. Ranganath meets an indian girl, latha, in singapore who attracts him. However she acts on the orders of the villain because her father was kept captivated by the villain.
She makes ranganath fall into the trap of villain, however he comes to know about this and with the help of chiru he makes the villain to bite the dust and takes revenge for his fathers death, and they return to india.

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