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Exclusive Interview: Rakesh Bedi


There is a very famous saying - Old is gold, which suits our film industry perfectly, since remakes which are made these days can never be as good as the original, believes old Chashme Baddoor actor Rakesh Bedi. In an exclusive interview with Oneindia's reporter Sonika, Rakesh speaks his heart out.

Have you seen the remake of Chasme Baddoor? Did you like it?
Yes, I have seen the film. I found it average. Some changes have been done in the film keeping the modern era in mind. Though there are certain things in the movie which I found objectionable, all actors in the film were outstanding.

What is the basic difference between the old Chashme Baddoor and the new one?
In the old Chashme Baddoor, the laziness and the subtleness of that era were shown brilliantly. That thing is missing in the remake. They have taken the story, but the soul was missing.

Any unforgettable moment which you want to share with us related to Chashme Baddoor.
There was one very funny incident. It happened 30 years back, but I still remember it. I kept real moustache for this role. In between, I left for Mumbai to shoot the second film. For the second film, they wanted me to have a clean shaven look, so my director told me to remove my moustache. When I went back to Delhi to shoot Chashme Buddoor, I made fake moustache with a pencil. One day director Sai told me to wipe my face as it was sweating due to heat. When I wiped my face, my moustache vanished and she was shocked to see that.

Tell us something about late Ravi Baswani.
Ravi Baswani was my very good friend and a brilliant actor. When the whole world is watching his film again, he is not there to see it. I also feel bad about the fact that he was very choosy about films and that's why he didn't do many films.

People miss your acting. When will we see you again on television.
I do what I like. My work should satisfy me as well as my fans. I am doing theatre these days and people are even liking my solo play Massage a lot.

Rakesh Bedi
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