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Delhi Belly (A)

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01 Jul 2011


Delhi Belly movie is a comedy flick revolving around three Delhi based bachelors, Tashi Malhotra (Imran Khan) , Arup (Vir Das) and Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapoor) who ...
  • neil 3 years ago

    yes, SRK needs a break from routine

  • rommin-kapadia 4 years ago

    apart from the technical aspects of Delhi Belly, this movie will be loved by people loving cheap adult and dirty stuff. for the move had no story,only their criminal activities.

  • parveen 4 years ago

    funny film=yes family film=no amir khan image changed=yes imran khan career suport=yes conect blue film=yes funny songs=yes indian culture film=no delhi belly 2=no double mining song=yes 15 year boy =no

  • sunny-big-boss-housemate 4 years ago

    my mind is totaly comfiused delly belly film ya blue film

  • jonyk 4 years ago

    some guys had said that the movie is vulgar ... but this is life... vulgarity is not out of the world... & i dnt think this movie is so much vulgar in deed ... most art films & real life films r much more vulgar then this movie,if u digest those language then u can aslo do the same for it . its really need courage to create such type of film... hats off to amir...

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