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Talaash (U/A)

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30 Nov 2012


Talaash movie is a psychological thriller and revolves around a cop, a housewife and a prostitute get entangled in a mystery that links their lives in ...
  • ayesha-mirza 3 years ago

    Aoa wrwb AAMIR K ji, once a gr8 human being told ME that,'ASAL SE KHATA NAHIN - AUR KAM NASAL SE WAFA NAHIN.' Subhan Allah & salam to your ammi jaan & ex- hindu wife & surrogate mom & present hindu? [wife]. P.S. Watch 2morow live QUTUB ONLINE ABT 'BLACK MAGIC' ON PAKISTANIS ONLY KI TALAASH. BY SYED BILAL QUTUB ON SAMAA TV PAKISTAN IN LAHORE'S FAMOUSE GRAVEYARD.[wink] PAKISTAN-KARACHI-MUSLIM

  • saikat-panja 3 years ago

    Ei Film Bohat Ache hone bali Hai But 3 idiots ache nei

  • k-p 3 years ago

    hahaha devdas hahaha acting hahahahaha

  • somebody 3 years ago

    plz tell smthg abt the plot of da story

  • arun 3 years ago

    fantastic as usual really an aamir khan film

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