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Anand Raj Anand is an Indian music director, composer, Lyricist and playback singer in the Hindi (or Bollywood) film industry. He has started his work in 1996 when he wrote,...
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  • keshav 2 years ago

    Am keshav from Mauritius country..and am a great fan of u Anand ji..u r my mentor forever..I like all ur songs..in my mobile there are only ur songs..hundreds of them..I like them all..God bless u n keeps on with ur vivacious songs..the day u will get the best MUSIC DIRECTOR FILMFARE AWARD..I will b the hapiness man in the world :-)

  • vandana 2 years ago

    Anand ji....first of all I would like to thank you for giving us so many beautiful songs & lyrics...I love your songs and like your voice very much. You have heart stealing smile...you are very good looking too....keep smiling & take care.

  • mohan-lal-soni 2 years ago

    Respected Sir, i do not know english well,,but im ur very ..very ..verrrrry big fan, मैंने आपके जन्म दिन का पता लगाने के लिए लाखो जतन किये परन्तु .. कसम से सर कही भी एक प्रमाण नहीं मिल पाया.... कृपया आप इस मेल पर अपना जन्म दिन लिखने का कष्ट करें... ये मेरी तमन्ना है,,, और आपका कर्त्तव्य...भी है.. फैन्स की इच्छाओं के अनुरूप गुज़ारिश को मानना.... गलतियों पर क्षमा करें.. i love you veri much sir.. आपका मोहन लाल सोनी mohanlals161@gmail.com khyatifilmproduction@gmail.com

  • jassi-madan-london 4 years ago

    I have a great respect and love for all the gifted artists, It is a gift to them from Goddes Sarsvati. Anand Raj is one of the blessed one. Love his voice & song Dil de diya hai. God Bless him and his family. Love the work of his younger brother Harry and his new album, Desi Funk. God Bless him.

  • mrs-anand-raj-anand 4 years ago

    Respected sir, v are a fan of ur music and specially JALEBI BAI... wat a creation...!!!

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