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  • darlene-wasilkowsky 7 years ago

    Hi Michael! I am Sally Roslos's sister-in- law .Remember playing cards up at the cottage when you were first married and a stuggling actor? Just wanted to say WOW! thank God you followed your dream and did not back down. You were fated to become who you are. Oh, Lynn Mallay Says Hi too..Ha! She is my new Partner. We have gone into business together. Serindipity eh! We opened a Cafe and gallery together in Burlington, Ontario. 848 Plains Rd E. unit 7 It is called "Bam! The Shop!) Hey Lynn named it not me. But it does grab your attention ha! Drop by and see us if you are ever home. Love Dar (I am Johnny's wife the flowerchild with the long blonde hair from the 60's. God what year is it!! Boo Hoo I am now a Baby Boomer.Oh well I ned a coffee bye

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