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  • aston 3 years ago

    Sruthi you dont look great in modern dress saree suits you well if you want to be famous and to have fans like ranjini you should show you hot parts like "your sexy navel" through your saree and cleavage through blouse then you will be great and sexy and especially famous

  • usha-nair 3 years ago

    One of the worst anchor I've ever come across. She looks so awkward in some modern dresses. Yesterday, on the presentation of Comedy Star, she came in a saree. The saree too lost its beauty because she was wearing it. And the presentation part. She just imitates Jagadeesh in all aspects. She tries to imitate Ranjini Haridas, but Shruthi, let me tell you one thing. By imitating one, you look a joker yourself. Learn how to be spontaneous in your presentation by observing Ranjini very carefully. I really hate to watch your presentation on Comedy Star. I only go for the comedy part and change the channel immediately upon seeing you. There are many in my friends' circle who are of the same opinion. Your anchoring is yuck!!

  • abdusalam 3 years ago

    Hai Sruthy..........i will watch vodafone comedy stars every week.your perfomence is good.keep it up.expecting more...........

  • midhun 3 years ago

    i have seen the episode of 30th june u were wearing a red dress it was really hottt

  • govind 4 years ago

    Well i dont watch much tv and so ireally dont kno wat to say about your performance in asianet. :) sry. But i recently watched the movie TD dasan VI B. Your performance was very impressive. Lookin fwd to seeing you more often... PS: u are a very hard person to track down online :) If u have a publicist, ask him to do something about it. luv Govind

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