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  • ranjitha 4 years ago

    I heard you come from a low profile background that is why you have this inferiority complex that is giving you this pseudo ego. No wonder you are not successful after doing a variety of thamasha. First be humble. Stop acting egotistic. Success will come after that.

  • jins 6 years ago

    hi im a reporter iwant u ur phone no pls send by this mail

  • bhadra 7 years ago

    varun i am bhadra in dubai. iam not your fan but i like you. when i can watch the star singer your last day i am totaly tensioned i dont know ok live it you waiting for your golden days are coming. it is my prayer to that varun will shine in every part of your life. with love & prayers bhadra menon Dubai if you dont mint at any time you just reply my mail id-

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