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Vinay Pathak is an Indian actor and a theater person. He is known as a new revolution in Indian Cinema along with Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapur, Abhay Deol, who are tagged as...
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  • sukumar-gogoi 2 years ago

    Kya acting he apaka..monu gupta...very nice

  • yar-muhammad 3 years ago

    One of my favourite in bollywood..his comedy touches the mind..have sense of humour at high level in his movies..bheja fry is one of his fabulous work.

  • tony-the-metalhead 4 years ago

    Vinay Pathak is my favorite now. He is an amazing talent and a great actor. Most of his movies are simple and funny but has a message in it. Below are my ratings for Mr. Vinay Pathak: Looks: *** Talent: **** Sex Appeal: * Star Power: *** Matured women with brains will surely love him and guys with decent and high class sense of humor will love/like him too. You ROCK!!! \m/ Tony

  • sourabhdeep-singh 4 years ago

    Sir,I saw your movies and now you are the best actor for me.your personality and character is excellent.so best wishes for your upcoming superhits.

  • rakesh 6 years ago

    Hi Sir, I just saw your movie "Dasvidaniyan". Thanks for making us realize to pause and look back in our life. I will definitely share this movie to every one close to me. Thanks once again. Regards, Rakesh

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