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Vinod Mankara

1967 (Age 47)


Vinod Mankara is a writer and film maker and senior programme producer at Asianet Television. He began his career as a freelance journalist for print media and has worked in...
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  • vijay-kumar 4 years ago

    Hai vinod you remember me i am vijaykumar we are classmate i saw your film very nice movie wish you aii the best

  • prajeesh-pathirippala 4 years ago

    Haiwah, ivanu oru thavana adi kitiyath aanalo..

  • raghavan 4 years ago

    I know one more Womaniser/pimp from Pathiripala. That pimp is known as Advocate Shaikh Abdulah (also from Kannampariaram I believe), who tackles his women customers, utilize them for other needs and show them to his superiors for his own welfare. People like him should be stoned to death. Bros, pls don't allow your wives/sisters to meet Advocate Shaikh Abdulah in Pathiripala for any case. He will surely cheat them with his sweet talk and crookedness. Take care pls..

  • vineeth 4 years ago

    i really liked your first film... great work on the dreams and fantasies in the movie

  • rani-mohan-otapalam 4 years ago

    I am so ashamed to tell abt this man. He knows how to tackle a woman. Don't ever trust him..

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