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I Cant Think Straight (A)

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2009 (India)
11 Sep 2009 (WorldWide)


I Can't Think Straight is bout a London-based Jordanian of Palestinian origin, Tala, who is preparing for an elaborate wedding. A turn of events causes her to ...
  • sariena 6 years ago

    This has taken its spot among my favorite romantic comedies of all time. The soundtrack was up-tempo, fun and playful. The colors, costumes and set design where expertly integrated, and both this, and THE WORLD UNSEEN should be re-released on Blu-Ray (yes, I said that already!). The look of both films is amazing and begs for hi-definition treatment. This time Shamim Sarif uses humor effectively to shed light on the cultural taboo of being in a same sex relationship. She re-casts Lisa Ray as the confident, bold and seductive Tala, working on her own business, opposite Sheetal Sheth as Leila, the shy, beautiful and insightful writer, and object of Tala's affections. Together they explore this very forbidden, but inevitable love, and find their way to each other, with each other's help. But on the way, they are aided by friends in very humorous situations, and hindered by family members, still loyal to reserved tradition. The soundtrack is virtually its own character, as it includes catchy and sexy songs ranging from ethnic to ballad, which compliment Tala and Leila's journey perfectly. The cultural taboo of being in this relationship is a relatable conundrum that many same sex couples have faced, and despite this film's focus on Jordanian and Indian cultures, the overarching theme of being threatened, disowned and shunned by family is universal and sadly, very relevant. All of the characters are funny and charming, and the dialogue is hilarious and smart, but never preachy. I found it particularly interesting how the fathers in both THE WORLD UNSEEN and I CAN'T THINK STRAIGHT were overall very supportive-another rare depiction, given the theme and cultures depicted. Again, Shamim Sarif achieves the kind of crossover appeal,that allows the universal themes of unstoppable love to trump the sometimes "hot button" issues of gender, political and sexual orientation components. Visit www.enlightenment-productions.com for all of

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