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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1286

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Naaku Tanti
Megha and Nandgudi carry Shabnkra's body for funeral in the car. When the body is carried Kalyani says that another tragic love story has happened.

Anju and Prikriti are planning to hold a strike in order to get released their granny Savitramma from Hosamane. Anasuya, who overhears their words, is shocked. Fatima regains her consciousness and comes back home. She sees her hubby Shankra's photo decorated with vermilion and garland, which is done only to dead man. Once again she falls unconsciousness.

Megha is watching news on Hosamane's Channel. She hears a news about Poorvi's Chaitrotsava. Poorvi has chide a child. Suddenly she dials her up and asks her what has happened.

Fatima is taken back to the hospital. But the doctor says that it is difficult to manage her at home. He suggests to admit her in a mental hospital. Kalyani is worried. She feels unable to manage all the affairs.

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