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Thira (U)

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14 Nov 2013


Thira is a dramatic thriller movie, and the other parts will be following the fist one. Yesteryear actress shobana is doing the main character in this film. ...
  • Aswin Sp TRendzzetter a year ago

    Vineet definitely requires an applause.the acting of the entire cast including shobhana,dhyan was extraordinary.most of 2013 female television awards doesn't made justice. SHOBHANA didn't got any one among these.The script also needs appreciation. I will rate 4.3/5

  • hari 2 years ago


  • Wellwisher 2 years ago

    onnu podoo...

  • Josettan 2 years ago

    Superb movie..a golden feather for Malayalam movie industry. Nice acting by all the actors. Suspense packed and unpredictable..4.5/5

  • salman 2 years ago

    1/4 ... Much of a pre-release hype, but mostly hollow and beating around the same bush. Characters are weak, acting is substandard. Moreover the movie is highly predicable. Plagiarism can be found in Man On Fire(2004), Taken, Page 3. For me this is another one down the drain.

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