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  • thaj 2 years ago

    hai vishal..........if u have such a opinion.....U can go through his albums.He is not a new guy in music field.I know him personally .He did around 6 musical video albums.Now his new kannada film songs launched.Just listen and analise that how to make beautiful songs.Then hotel california....motor cycle diaries.Still continuing.............

  • thaj 2 years ago

    Now u told that he has robbed.Ok can tell his any song as any resemblance with other song.....i am challenging you

  • karuna 2 years ago

    Actually u r a imaginary person.......ok

  • karuna 2 years ago


  • teena 3 years ago

    Vishal Go through the facts before you blame a person . If he was an imaginary character , how on earth will you get a picture ?! If he was fake and a cheat why would vineeth s. still work with him !?

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