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“Kaminey toh hum saab hain”- Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid opens it: 'Kaminey toh hum saab hain" to which Priyanka corroborates, 'thoda thoda", with fingers to emphasize, no wonder why the movie, Kaminey, is the word in everybody"s mouth. With Shahid Kapoor in his first of its kind role, and the much talked about character, Sweety (played by Priyanka Chopra); not to forget about the on screen chemistry between the two – little could be done when the duo faced the journalists present at the promo of the movie, in Bangalore.

Everything must have gone well for Vishal Bhardwaj until the movie theaters in Mumbai and Pune received an advisory to down shutters for a period of three days that started from Thursday. And with the increasing number of positive Swine Flu cases, both in city and across the country, even for the journalists gathered, Swine Flu became the topic of the day.

Indus Pride brings alive Bollywood Passion, was soon to turn a self-possession when the director of the movie, Vishal Bhardwaj, crooned, “Why don't we talk about the movie, after all, that's what we are here for." This perhaps cleared the air for the people gathered to ask questions, and it finally went to become one entertaining day. Nishal Lama talks to Shahid, Priyanka and Vishal Bhardwaj

Shahid, we will see you, for the first time ever, in a movie that has got two different roles for you...
Yes, It was fun, fun acting as Guddu and Charlie, twins who just have a different life together. There is nothing that's similar between the two. So, it was a challenge being in two different shoes at the same time, and it's me playing both the roles.

Same time?
Yes, a lot of the shots, both of Charlie and Guddu, had to be done on the same day, simultaneously. Naturally that becomes a challenge when you have to act as two different persons in the same movie. And the roles are as different as black from white. In fact, in the movie, Guddu is a stutterer and Charlie lisps. I had to give justice to the roles.

'Kaminey' seems to be the new word in the town...
All the three, Shahid, Priyanka, and Vishal corroborates: See, the movie revolves around everything – drugs, guns, money, corrupt politicians, violence, bloods – guess, it shows the 'Kamineypan' that lies in each one of us. We thought, the word, Kaminey, would just be the right word for the movie.

So, the 'A' certification makes sense?
That's disappointing. We didn't expect the movie will be rated with an 'A' certification, but if that's what the censor thinks, so be it. We respect their judgment.

And the word Kaminey; Does it not sound to Vulgar?
(Priyanka interrupts Shahid) It's a chota bad word (all the three laughs). It was important for us to get a word that defined the essence of the movie. And the word, Kaminey, served the best. And what makes you think that it sounds vulgar. Don't you remember Dharam ji. He must have created a landmark with his dialogues in the movies he had acted.

Shahid, of the two, Guddu and Charlie, which character fits you the best?
I guess, I lie some where in between. I have got qualities of both the characters, you know (smirks).

And your Kaminey physique. How long did it take for you to get those perfectly toned muscle?

Vishal wanted me to look different in the movie. Almost for a year, I had to work toning up my muscles and had to go through a strong fitness regime.

Priyanka, what about your role?
I am a Marathi girl, born and brought up amidst the hustle-bustle of the city. Sweety, the role I play is of a Marathi politician's sister. So, is makes it quite obvious too, I had to have a flare of the Marathi language. But thanks to Madhur Bhandarkar. It was during the shoot of the movie, Fashion, when he made me speak anything but Marathi. Guess, that had helped me a lot.

And Vishal, we hear some great music in Kaminey. Any big expectations.
Well, I am the music director in the movie, and the songs have been written by Gulzar. So far as expectations are concern, it will be just too early to say anything now.

Should have had been tough when you heard about the multiplexes being closed for the three days...
Vishal replies. Yes, it's disappointing. First, the A certification, and now we the multiplexes have been closed in Mumbai and Pune for three days. We hope Sunday will get us some thing nice. But at the same time, it's for the safeguard of the people and we respect the judgment.

(Shahid and Priyanka) We see some nice chemistry between the two of you in the movie...

Yes, it been fun working together. The chemistry we share on screen is nice. It has helped us to understand the script and work on it well. We will be glad if audience likes the movie. After all, at the end of the day, it's they who decide.

You spoke about the on screen romance. And chances for this to turn into an off screen romance?

Well, that's thing that you have heard. For now, guess, its time for us to be off from here. Thanks to all of you present here. We hope the movie will reach people's expectations (all the three, Priyanka, Shahid and Priyanka, get up for some last photo shoot session, leaving the photographers gasping for more). 

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