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Udta Punjab (A)



2 hrs 1 mins

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17 Jun 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: June 17, 2016 12:59 PM IST

Udta Punjaab movie is a stout-hearted thriller, based on the drug mafia and its deep-rooted nexus in Punjab. All the stars are playing pivotal roles in the movie. The title of the movie seems to be apt as per its subject.

Coming to the performances of the film, undoubtedly, Shahid and Alia have emerged as the winners and take the trophies for their career best performances. However, that does not mean that Kareena and Diljit have not performed well. They have done an excellent job too, but it's the get-ups and accent of Shahid and Alia, which won our heart (like, literally!).

Coming to the direction of the film, Abhishek Chaubey has done a good job! However, we think editing of the film could have been better. The make-up artists of the film have done a fantastic job and you will be surprised at how real all the characters are looking on the screen!

Udta Punjab is one honest film and surely a must watch. P.S. Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's power-packed performances are worth your time and money!

Director Chaubey has done an outstanding job of showcasing Punjab’s drug-addled state. It’s not a pretty scene and he doesn’t shy away from showing ‘the land of five rivers’ as a glorious mess.

There are lengthy disclaimers in the beginning that claim that the state and the police have been fighting a valiant battle against drugs in Punjab and that the makers’ intention was not to depict any state in a bad light, but there’s no denying that the drug problem is a real one.

Credit is due to Chaubey for taking a grim subject and making it interesting. There are a few dull moments in the second half, but the climax packs a punch. The way the worlds of a cop, a heroin addict, a rock star and a doctor intersect is cleverly shown. Be sure to give Udta Punjab a shot.

Welcome to Chaubey's Punjab; a world you may not inhabit, but cannot ignore. As notorious as Mexico in the current context, the state that is known for wrestlers and wheat, serves up heroin, opium, cocaine faster than parathas and lassis. Yes, Punjab the land of the five rivers, is a description only reserved for the text-books. In reality, it's a place besieged by cartels, cocaine and corrupt cops.

Chaubey uses a part-documentary-part-mainstream approach here. Post interval, the film is sometimes too indulgent and sluggish. Also this is not your sunny-side up cinema. It is stark and makes you cringe. However, its victory lies in making you empathise with its characters.

As Alia and Shahid, both victims of drug and physical abuse fight their demons and destinies, you shed a silent tear. Shahid has got his act pat but Alia beats everyone hollow. Kareena and Diljit are adept. This review also doffs a hat to the nuanced performances of Satish Kaushik, Prabhjyot Singh and Manav Vij.

The hard realities of how drugs are smuggled from across the border, and people running this business is what Abhishek brings to light. With his third film, Abhishek has pushed the boundaries of commercial cinema with his unique storytelling skills.

Abhishek's arresting narrative that ties Punjab’s drug crisis with its politics, gives enough space to all the characters to grow on you. A very smooth and engaging screenplay by Sudip Sharma ensures there is never a dull moment in a film that runs for around 2 hour 20 minutes.

Don't watch Udta Punjab because it was embroiled in controversies but because its a story not many would have dared to tell.

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