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A girl forced Bobby to the loo

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Monday, July 09, 2007
Bobby Deol was confronted with a besotted female fan during the premiere of his film Apne in Vancouver.
He has got the look and spunk to attract female fans. And Bobby Deol is quite used to adulation by fairer sex. But during the Vancouver premiere of Apne recently, the handsome actor had a different experience - he was stalked by a female fan.

The girl approached Bobby at the movie's premiere and asked him for autograph. She then asked him to pose with her for photos. Like a good star, Bobby obliged the fan.

But soon he noticed that the girl kept hanging around near him.

After the premiere, when Bobby went to a shopping mall, he saw the same girl chasing him a little distance away. And when a family approached Bobby and his brother Sunny Deol and dad Dharmendra in the mall, the girl came and stood close to Bobby.

Bobby says after a while he began to get annoyed by the stalking fan.

In fact, at one point, Bobby became so desperate to get her off his back that he went to the men's loo. The girl still followed him but she did not enter the lavatory.

Somehow Bobby got rid of her after that. The next day he flew to San Francisco for another premiere of Apne

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