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Geetu Mohandas(Malayalam: ഗീതു മോഹന്‍ദാസ്) is a Malayalam actress who acted alongside Madhavan in Nala Damayanthi. She has acted several other Malayalam films.

Geetu's actual name is Gayathri Mohandas. Affectionately called Geetu by her family, the name was adopted as her screen name when she starred in her first movie "Onnu Mudhal Poojyam Vare" in 1986 with Mohanlal in the lead role. Geetu was five years old then and captured the hearts of malayalam fimgoers as a fatherless child who discovers a father in an anonymous telephone caller. She also acted in the Tamil remake of Fazil's "Ente maamaattykutty ammakku" (malayalam) with Baby Shalini as the title role. The Tamil version was named as "En bommakutty ammavukku", which was a top grosser in Tamil industry. Geetu was in the title role.

Geetu is now working on a film she plans to direct shortly.

Geetu is one of those rare intellectually ambitious female actors who consciously avoided being cast as a beautiful female lead. Instead, from the beginning of her career she has taken on the out-of-ordinary and the more challenging roles which a young female actor would normally be at pains to refuse.

Her brother, Arjun Das, is a physician in Chicago, Illinois.
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