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23 Jun 1951 (Age 66)


Hamsalekha (alias Govindaraju Gangaraju real name) (Kannada: ಹಂಸಲೇಖ) is a Music Director and lyricist in the Kannada film industry. He also wrote story, screenplays...
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  • Vinod B a month ago

    Sir we want Poli hamsalekha sir than Desi hamsalekha sir. Please compose still exiting songs for lovers. No one can compose like that. song andre Hrudaya thanthina meetbeku nevu madiro song hage. it should be ever green always. Not for one week or one month. I wish you an advanced Happy birthday sir and please consider my request.

  • shivakumar s 4 months ago

    Hi sir nanna sangeet Devare nimm janumadinada shabashayagalu

  • Bapurao 9 months ago

    I am bapurao so you can come to bidar and organise gaana functions

  • shekar m 2 years ago

    pls ennomme kannad industry ge chandanavana antha hesarittu neev dhoora hoga bettre ...ega ero chandanavanadalli smell ella chandana nu ella..dayavittu baani ......baruvikke kayutiruva .....abhimaani sir

  • shekar m 2 years ago

    sir naanu nimma bhala dhodda fan.nimma prathi songs hosadu hudakathane erathini.adarallu neev bhaloso raamayana maha bharathada thatparya ,jaanapada sahithiya tumbha estaa...adaralli kelammomme nirase madiddaga kopaanu bandu erutte...dayavittu kannada industry ge barabeku ..egena songs kelakke agatha ella.

  • prakash 2 years ago

    with respect sir its our luck from all the person on this earth to get u from the grace of godess sharadamba. fist of all i like u not to come back but i like u to come up to kannada industries. sir i dont no y iam sharing this but one thing i would like to inform u that iam a bathroom singer and i dent left my fist place in singing since my school to collage days. sir regularly watching sa re ga ma pa little champs up on all episode i enjoyed the special episode when u was as gest i dont know what happaned to all childrens they started to singing as like u have trained up to them . sir i hope there is some power r some magic with u. any person on this earth who is in front of u he will go to sing even he dont have any know about singing. sir i have no more words to share with u but just i would like to salute to u

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