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B.Chandra Mouli, popularly known as Mouli, has stamped his authority on different facets of the film industry viz,. Drama, Script Writing, Acting and Direction. He has directed films in Tamil and Telugu with great success. Three of his popular plays were translated into Telugu and Bengali and were staged by eminent troupes in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal with a record of 4000 stage shows. 

He is known for his distinct filmmaking style. Most of his scripts have hard-hitting social themes with the right mix of comedy. He has written and directed 21 films in Tamil and 24 films in Telugu.

He received the Kalamamani Award for Best Writer in 1985 and the Nandhi Award for five films. He has acted in more than 100 movies in Tamil and Telugu. His recent movies are‘Thiruvilayaadal’ and ‘Pirivom Sandhippom’. He also has a couple of yet-to-be released films –‘Irumbukkotai Murattu Singam’ and ‘Kadal to Kalyanam’
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