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It Follows

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10 Apr 2015 (India)
13 Mar 2015 (WorldWide)

It Follows Story

It Follows is a 2014 American horror film written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. It stars Keir Gilchrist, Jake Weary and Maika Monroe as teenagers pursued by a supernatural entity after having sex.


A girl flees her house and drives to the beach. By morning, she has been brutally murdered.

Teenage Jay goes on a movie date with Hugh. In the theater, Hugh points out a woman standing at the entrance whom Jay cannot see. Fearful, he demands they leave. On another date, Hugh and Jay have sex in his car, after which Hugh incapacitates her with chloroform. When she wakes, tied to a wheelchair, Hugh explains that their sex has passed on a curse: an entity which can only be seen by those with the curse and can take on the appearance of any person will follow Jay at walking pace. If it catches her it will kill her and pursue the previous person to have passed it on. After spotting a naked woman walking toward them, Hugh drives Jay home and flees.

The next day, the police cannot find the woman or Hugh. At school, Jay sees an old woman in a hospital gown walking towards her, invisible to others. Jay and her friends Paul, Kelly and Yara agree to help and spend the night in the same house. Paul investigates a smashed kitchen window but sees no one; Jay sees a half-naked woman walking toward her, urinating. Jay runs upstairs to the others, who cannot see the entity. When a tall man enters the room, Jay flees the house and rides a bike to a nearby playground, where her friends find her.

With the help of their neighbor Greg, the group traces Hugh at his real address, who advises Jay to sleep with someone to pass on the curse. The group drives to Greg's lakehouse, where Jay learns to fire a gun. The entity, taking the appearances of Yara, the tall man and Paul, attacks Jay; she shoots it, but it recovers. Jay flees in Greg's car but crashes into a corn field, she wakes up in the hospital with an injured arm.

Jay sleeps with Greg to pass on the curse. Later, Jay sees Greg smash the window to his own house and enter. She tries to warn the real Greg on the telephone but he does not answer. She runs into the house and finds the entity in the form of Greg's half-naked mother knocking on his door; it jumps on Greg and appears to have sex with him as he dies.

Jay flees by car and spends the night outdoors. On a beach, Jay sees three young men on a boat. She undresses and walks into the water. Back home, Jay refuses Paul's offer of sex.

After she sees a naked man on the roof of her house watching her, the group goes to a deserted swimming pool, where they plan to kill the entity by luring it into the pool and plunging electrical devices into the water. Jay, waiting in the pool, spots the entity and realizes it has taken the appearance of her father; it throws the devices at her. Firing at an invisible target, Paul accidentally wounds Yara, but shoots the entity in the head, knocking it into the pool. As it drags Jay underwater, he shoots it again and Jay escapes.

At home, Paul and Jay have sex. As they walk down the street hand in hand, someone follows them.

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