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16 Days – Review

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16 Days by Prabhu Solomon,talks about a situation where an educated job seeker gets himself in a tight corner and is caught between the rivalry of gangsters.

Kunjipatham (Aravind), an orphan, comes to the city in search of a job and stays in a friend's apartment. Meanwhile, leading gangster Pavadai (Kota Seenivasa Rao) finds his son murdered by his arch rival Vembuli's (V. Jayaprakash) men. He then plans to take revenge by killing Vembuli's son Adithya (Dheeraj) on or before the 16th day of his son's death.

Kunjipatham's friend Subramaniam runs away from Pavadai's men to avoid repaying the loan he has taken from them. When the moneylenders arrive at Subramaniam's home, they threaten Kunjipatham instead and take him with them to torture him by pulling out his teeth. Meantime, Pavadai gets agitated seeing his men torture Kunjipatham and asks them to kill Adithya instead. Kunjipatham, being a boasting braggart, makes fun of the men and displays his intelligence to Pavadai. He recalls the incident of Lincoln's murder by a short man and convinces Pavadai that killing someone needs proper planning. Pavadai, impressed by the young guy's brilliance, orders him to plan and murder Adithya by the 16th day. But Kunjipatham refuses to do so. He finds himself in a tight corner when Pavadai threatens him, saying Kunjipatham would be killed on the 16th day if the task is not done.

The rest of the story revolves around the further incidents and whether Kunjipatham saves his skin from the gangsters by murdering Adithya or by finding a way out without committing the murder.

The Performances
Aravind gives us a fine performance which makes us wonder whether that this is his debut role. He has played the character with ease and fits Kunjipatham to a 'T'. His sequences with Kota Seenivasa Rao, his men and Dheeraj are enjoyable. He reminds us of Dhanush and Ravi Krishna in a few scenes. Charmi plays the love interest of Aravind and later, his wife. She does nothing much other than mimicking various actors, actresses and annoys us frequently since her sequences slow down the tempo. Dheeraj as the villan is sure to win hearts of moviegoers with his sadistic acting. His voice is a major plus point to the character and the baddie song picturised on him deserves special applause. Kota Seenivasa Rao and V. Jayaprakash are the usual gangsters. Prabhu Solomon as the police officer is apt.

For the Techies Lover
Cinematography and editing go hand in hand with 16 Days. Sugumaran's camera work with the tones that are maintained throughout the movie gives us an international feel and adds value to the sequences shot at night and at sea. The burial scene of Kunjipatham and the chase sequences have been done with great taste. Harsha's editing is crisp but Charmi's portion needs a lot of trimming! Parijatham fame Tharan has composed three songs and their melodies; Dheeraj's song making an impression. The re-recording is not loud and in sync with the movie's theme. Stunts by Anel Arasu are realistic and stylish.

Plus: Aravindhan, Dheeraj and Pavadai's Gang, Cinematography and Direction
Minus: Charmi's sequences and glamour

Final Verdict
Prabhu Solomon's 16 Days is an effort that deserves appreciation. It follows the pattern of commercial cinema with a touch of class. Charmi's glamour quotient and a few dialogues might not be relished by family audiences. The movie, which targets both Tamil and Telugu audiences, meets the expectations. 16 Days - Worth Watching!

Producer J.P. Kumar, T.Y. Chowdary
Cast Aravind, Charmi, Kota Seenivasa Rao, V. Jayaprakash, Dheeraj, Prabhu Solomon
Director Prabhu Solomon
Music Tharan
Stunts Anel Arasu
Cinematography Sugumaran
Editing Harsha
Art Vairabalan

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