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Kavya's Diary – Review

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Indira Productions is out with its latest film Kavya"s Diary which was completed long ago but could not see the light of the day till June 5. 

Puja (Indira) and Raj (Indrajit) love each other and get married. Theirs is a sweet family with a daughter Amulya and a son. Raj builds a sweet home and Puja, who is fond of gardening gets ample space in the compound for her garden. At this juncture, Kavya (Charmi) enter their life by saving Amulya from an accident. Abhi (Shashank) Raj"s brother visits theim during Diwali and falls in love with Kavya at first sight. Kavya tells Puja that whenever she loves something she loses that and hence she does not want to develop any feelings for anyone. But Raj and Puja insist and Kavya accepts Abhi"s love. Surprisingly, Abhi dies in a road accident soon after Kavya accepts his love. In fact, Kavya herself has murdered Abhi.

The flashback reveals Kavya"s husband as Dr Kiran, a gynaecologist, who misbehaves with and sexually abuses prospective mothers. Puja also gets a similar treatment and so she lodges a complaint with the Medical Council of India. Kiran is on the verge of losing his degree, job and everything if the allegations are proved. Some women, who have faced such ill-treatment from Dr Kiran also support Puja and the case becomes strong. With no other option left, Dr Kiran commits suicide.

Sailaja (Charmi) his preganant wife not only suffers abortion, but has to remove her uterus as well.. Sailaja decides to take revenge on Puja and so gets closer to Amulya and the baby boy. Charmi plans to kill Puja and settle with Raj and the two children. She makes several attempts to separate Raj and Puja but of no use. Nikki, Raj's friend, tries to reveal Kavya"s true colours, but gets killed. Soon Puja learns from Nikki"s laptop that Kavya is Dr Kiran"s wife and that she has come to kill her. Kavya makes the final attempt to kill Puja but incidentally she herself gets killed. 

The director"s attempt to narrate a revenge drama in a different way is commendable. He has perfectly portrayed the human relations, family relations and the value of true love on screen. Especially, the chemistry between Indira and Indrajit has worked out well. All the artistes including Indira, Indrajit, Charmi and Satyam Rajesh have given their best. Especially, Indira has shown perfect emotions on the screen. Unlike other films, this film has a lady villain in the form of Charmi. She is good at showing cruelty with a smiling face. Especially, the director has been able to develop curiosity about the next scene among the audiences. The film has no duets or romantic songs, but has a good family song. The director has used the technique of revealing the suspense by rewinding the scenes in black and white format to help the audiences recollect how and why it had happened. Re-recording by Manu Ramesan has helped to elevate the value of the scene in the second half. Camera work by Shyam Dutt has helped the director in revealing the flashback scenes. 

Revelation of the suspense at the end of first half itself has killed the curiosity among the audiences as they come to know that Charmi is the villain. However, as said earlier, the director has been able to develop curiosity among the audiences despite the revelation of the secret and suspense. The stereotypical revelation of the flashback in black and white format, both for Charmi and Indira has proved a little boring. Tunes by Manu Ramesan are not that catchy and are very slow. Editing by Mahesh Narayanan needs to be further sharp, as the prolonged flashback episodes test the patience of audiences. Production values of Indira Productions are okay. 

The storyline is off-beat and out of the way. The producer should be complimented for choosing such a different story. Lack of comedy may prove costly as there is no comic relief. Those who like suspense and thriller stories may like the film. The film might go well with the city audiences but has nothing to offer to the front benchers. There are neither mass masala songs nor duets to attract the crowds. 
Cast: Charmi, Manjula, Indrajit, Shashank, Satyam Rajesh 

Credits: Cinematography – Shyam Dutt, Editing – Mahesh Narayanan, Dialogues – Vakkantam Vamsi, Lyrics – Ananta Sriram and Ramajogaiah Sastry, Music – Manu Ramesan, Story and Screenplay – Indira Productions" creative team, Producer – Sanjay Swaroop, Director – Karuna Prakash.

Banner: Indira Productions Pvt Ltd

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